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Botanicals Hawaii is proud to be your source of Teri Inouye originals, prints, and note cards which are all made in Hawaii. Teri's originals are done with colored pencils (see About the Artist to find out more about Teri and her media). The uniqueness of the media, details captured, and vibrant colors will have you and your friends saying, "I can't believe it's colored pencils!"

Teri's prints of Hawaii's lush tropical flora framed in koa (the wood of Hawaiian Royalty) make novel gifts for both locals and visitors, with the giclee prints fooling many into thinking that they are originals.

For your everyday note or greeting card, Hallmark or American Greetings have the best selection. However, for a specialty note card or gift set that can bring Hawaii to you or your friends and family, Teri's cards are your best choice.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

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"The beautiful note cards arrived today - thanks. I will enjoy using them very much as they are so unique, the flowers are gorgeous, and seeing them is like a glimpse of Hawaii."
Myrtle Munns; River Falls WI

"By the way, I located your web site while searching for "colored pencils", as I am enthralled with colored pencil art. After viewing Teri's art, my love is definitely not unfounded."
Linda L. Wecker; Antioch, CA

"It was encouraging to hear that you retain a bit of the human touch at your web site! As much as I love the computer, printer, scanner, etc.; I get major distressed when I call a telephone number for assistance with (nearly) anything - - get a recorded message with menu options nd have to work my way through numerous levels (much like a video game!) to discover there is nothing there to help me with my specific request! Anyway - thanks for the human touch!"
Betty Vincent; Eugene OR

"i received my cards TODAY !!! that's only 3 days from hawaii to new jersey... i guess the us post does work!!! the cards are more beautiful than i could imagine... your site does not do justice to teri's beautiful artwork.. congratulations to both of you for giving me the opportunity of seeing your work..."
Beth Palecek; Sussex, NJ

I've been visiting your site for many months, dropping in weekly to enter your contest. I enjoy my visits and it is obvious to me that your site is a true labor of love for both you and your talented wife."
Kathleen Pollock; Waller, TX





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